Wanted: Twinax 5250 Style Terminal

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at RawFedDogs.net
Wed Dec 3 14:45:45 CST 2014

Classic Computer Enthusiasts,

I should have an IBM 9406-270 arriving today or tomorrow.  I think I've
gathered everything I need to attempt an OS install except a console.  I do
have a second NIC that I've been told could be used for console access.  But
I suspect special console software would be required to do so, and all my
PCs at home run Linux which would probably complicate things.  I've also
been told that when using a NIC for console access there are several gotchas
to watch out for, such as a specific slot requirement for the NIC, etc.
This being my first attempt at installing an OS on a 9406 anything that can
be done to simplify the process and avoid having to worry about gotchas is
probably a good thing.  Plus, I like twinax terminals, especially the
keyboards.  So, does anyone have a suitable terminal in need of a good home?
There are a few available from eBay, but I hate to pay more for a terminal
than I did for the 270.  I'll probably also need the multi-port twinax
connector block that connects to the twinax card in the 270 if anyone has
one to spare.  There wasn't one listed in the eBay list for the 270, but I
might get lucky and have it arrive with one included.  


Bruceville, TX

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