Still looking for Infotek MX-30 RAM

Eric Smith spacewar at
Wed Dec 3 02:12:34 CST 2014

On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 10:28 PM, Josh Dersch <derschjo at> wrote:
> Alternately, if anyone needs an MX-30 board set (sans memory) for a
> restoration, drop me a line and maybe we can work something out.  Hate to
> sit on this forever and never get anything working...

I certainly don't *need* one, and I'd be in the same boat w/ regard to
not being able to use it without the suitable memory. I'm thinking
about designing a new static RAM board for the 9830 for the 2015/07
retrochallenge. If all the MX-30 needs is memory that is faster than
the stock HP memory, it's possible that a new static RAM board might

I'd be very interested in high-resolution photos or scans of both
sides of both boards.

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