Nat Semi ns32k, was Re: Whitechapel Computer Works MG-1

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Dec 2 13:28:01 CST 2014

On 12/02/2014 11:14 AM, Eric Smith wrote:

(IRT:  i432)

> "Glacially" is overstating it.  It was slow.  If it had shipped two years
> earlier, as originally intended, the performance would have been
> somewhat more in line with expectations.

Not so much slow, but incredibly expensive for the delivered 
performance.  We got regular pitches for the "soon to be real" i432 as 
the answer to our 16 bit queries (this was about 1978).  After awhile, 
the mentions became less and less frequent and we were put on the i80186 
pre-production customer base.  The odd thing was that almost no mention 
was made of the 8086.  At that time, the only reaction from "fast Eddie" 
our Intel sales rep, was a roll of the eyeballs.


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