Fwd: is there any word processing software for the pdp11?

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Tue Dec 2 12:22:32 CST 2014

Jacob Ritorto wrote:

> Given the gloomy weather and speaking of porting, I just got bored and
> tried to compile /usr/src/games/rain.c from 2.11bsd on opensolaris using
> gcc3.44.  It errored out with rain.c:61: error: parse error before '->'
> token.  What's that all about?  There's not even a pointer on that line:
> 61     float cols, lines;
> rain.c source here: http://www.retro11.de/ouxr/211bsd/usr/src/games/rain.c

Tell us what you see when you use the C-preprocessor only on that file:

gcc -E rain.c |less

and then search in the output for setbuf:

float cols, lines;

    if (!(term=getenv("TERM"))) {

..like this.

This is FreeBSD here and you can see that setbuf handles a pointer..


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