M1705 dual 12-bit output info

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Dec 2 07:53:09 CST 2014

    > From: Kyle Owen

    > The block diagram in the Logic Handbook shows a few select jumpers, but
    > does not give a detailed list of the 32 jumpers, if I counted correctly.

Yeah, I noticed that; there were no jumpers shown for the device code. I can
only assume that they are similar to the device code jumpers for the M1703.
If so, that would be 24 jumpers right there. (It's '24' because the M1705
includes two completely separate devices, which can apparently be given device
codes independently.) If so, that would be all of them - the block diagram
shows 8; 24 for device codes; total 32.

Odd the way they use separate jumpers for 1 and 0; why not one jumper with a


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