Tandon TM-848E Normal Behavior?

Ali cctalk at fahimi.net
Tue Dec 2 00:03:38 CST 2014

> The 848 has a DC motor--most full-height drives have an AC line-powered
> motor, so they spin all the time.

Thanks Chuck just making sure as my only other 8" drive (Qumes) are on all
the time.

>As I recall, I have older belt-driven (but still DC-powered) TM-848 drives
in some of my Radio Shack >machines, and the newer ones with brushless hub
motors that I use in my imaging setup. Both of them >stop the spindle motor
when not in use, unlike older 8" drives with AC-powered motors that run


Do you know, or have any experience, with reliability of the brushless vs.
belt driven? My bet would be on the brushless motor (the belt being the weak
point) but you never know.


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