Fwd: is there any word processing software for the pdp11?

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From: Jon Elson
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> Of COURSE, emacs was available on many PDP-11 OS's.  Maybe not from
> DEC, but most certainly on the DECUS tapes, there were all sorts of
> variants, updates, extensions, and so on.  Certainly available for
> RSX, and probably needs a good deal of memory.  Not so sure on some
> of the other OS's.

EMACS was not available from DEC on any architecture, unless by
accident.  It was written in the MIT AI Lab's version of PDP-10 TECO,
which was ported to TENEX and TOPS-20 (i. e., "Twenex") at the Lab,
but not to any other architecture in that form:  The first non-PDP-10
port was written in MACLISP for Multics--a 36-bit architecture!--by
Bernie Greenberg, which gave lots of people ideas about how to port
something like EMACS to other architectures, including Lisp machines.

Yes, there were many EMACS-inspired editors for non-PDP-10 systems,
but not from DEC.

NB:  I am still the official maintainer of PDP-10 TECO and EMACS, ever
since I posted a Y2K fix for Kent Pitman's TIME library to comp.emacs
and the GNU bug groups.  At least, that's what RMS said at the time.


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