IC storage / anti-static foam

Robert Adamson bob at theadamsons.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 15:21:09 CST 2014

> I know this was discussed before but....
> What are recommended methods for storing a variety of ICs where they
> are easily accessible as needed, keeps them safe and for the long term?
Tubes are good if you can find them in any quantity now though they aren't
so handy if like most folk you have a largish mix with only small numbers of
each. I have a cabinet with antistatic plastic drawers for my MOS ICs and
some of the bipolar with the rest of the bipolar in an ordinary styrene
drawer cabinet. In my earlier days in the MOS industry before more
specialised antistatic stuff became available we used to push them into a
sheet of polystyrene wrapped with foil.

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