EDSAC lives

William Donzelli wdonzelli at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 10:05:53 CST 2014

> One other component I didn't see listed: rotary switches. ENIAC used tons of
> them, originally for inputting static data (think ROM :-), and later to hold
> tables used when they converted it to a sorta-stored-program machine (think
> uROM :-).

Providing they are not something bizarre - completely available. Most
of those rotary switches are modular (they can be bought as parts), so
the exact switch can be reproduced.

> And what about the special plug wires (and the male and female connectors used
> thereon) which were used to 'program' the machine for a given problem - are
> those still available?

Probably. Most vintage connectors, in general, are still available. If
I could see a picture of what the connectors on ENIAC look like, I
could tell you. I seem to remember them being pretty standard Cinch
Jones parts.


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