Whitechapel Computer Works MG-1

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 00:09:10 CST 2014

> One of these days, I think I'd quite like to find one of the FPUs; I've got

The 32081? I think the 16081 was the same chip, if it ever existed under that

> a few Acorn boards which use the 32016, but I've only ever seen one out in
> the wild with the floating point unit fitted - and I happen to have a copy

I can't remember if my ACW has it fitted or not. It has a socket for it, certainly.

> of Acorn's FP test code which came via an ex-employee. To my knowledge no
> commercial software (such as there even was any for the hardware) ever used
> it, but it seems a shame to have the code and nothing to run it against.

I think all Whitechapel MG1s have a 32081 fitted. I have a spare MG1 motherboard
somewhere, perhaps I should pull the FPU chip and try it in an Acorn.


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