VAX/VMS Software Source Book, 6th Edition (Oct 1990) PDF, Programming in VAX Fortran PDF

Mark Wickens mark at
Mon Dec 1 00:55:28 CST 2014

I've just scanned the 1000-odd page software source book for VAX/VMS, 6th
Edition from October 1990, available from my scans page:

This is a mammoth book (beware the 643MB download size!) but is a fantastic
example of just how pervasive VAX and VMS were. It contains a comprehensive
listing of software available for the platform both from DEC and
independent software houses. Interesting personally is the indication of
programming language used.

I've also uploaded Programming in VAX Fortran (Sept 84): I wasn't aware of
an online copy of this manual. It's a very handy guide to programming in
Fortran that covers everything you'd need to get up and running with the
language under VAX/VMS, including the use of EDIT, compiling, linking and
debugging, as well as reference material on the language and supporting



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