Replacement for a DEC 7474 Chip

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun May 15 10:57:10 CDT 2022

> What ever you do, don't use a Fairchild part. When I worked for Intel in 
> the 80's, we finally band using Fairchild for any latching device. They 
> failed on pullup current, even when the parts were sent back and they 
> claimed they were good. We just gave up on them, we couldn't hold 
> production while they figured it out.
> We had a similar problem with PowerOne, a manufacture of power supplies.

I've heard the same thing about Intel, Shugart, Verbatim, Wabash, Tandy, 
Apple, Commodore, VW, Ford, Chevy, . . .

Just about EVERY company has released a bad product, and had their 
reputation damaged.

A better warning is: "Between xxx and yyy, we had a lot of bad parts from 

SOME have cleaned up their act, and have made good products subsequently.

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