Dumping an Intel P8742AH

Glen Slick glen.slick at gmail.com
Thu May 12 21:03:44 CDT 2022

Anyone here have experience dumping the contents of an Intel P8742AH
OTP EPROM device?

I have one that I haven't been able to dump with either a BP
Microsystems BP-1610, or a Data-I/O UniSite device programmer. Both
have device entries for that specific device. Both report device
connection errors when attempting to read the device. The device pins
all look clean. I tried putting a machine pin socket between the
device and the programmer ZIF socket in case there was a flakey
connection, but that didn't make any difference.

I was told the device was working properly in the target system before
it was removed to dump its contents.

Looking at the UPI-41AH/42AH datasheet 210393-007 the P8742AH does
have a security bit which can be programmed. As far as I can tell
though, if the security bit is set the device should still respond to
the standard device verification algorithm, but just return the wrong
data, and the device manufacturer signature should still be able to be
read. Or does an Intel P8742AH not respond at all to the standard
device verification algorithm if the security bit is set?

I don't have the target system myself to reinstall the device and
verify that it actually works.

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