Recent purchase of NIC-80 computer.

dwight dkelvey at
Thu May 12 12:03:00 CDT 2022

Hi All
 There was a Nicolet computer purchased recently on ebay:
Looking at the buyers history, it looks like it was purchased by a collector.
Bob Rosenbloom and I are wondering if anyone know who might have purchased it and if they are expecting to restore it to operational status?
These are an interesting computer being that it is a 20 bit word. It was also designed specifically to do FFT's with specialized instructions like bit reversing and hardware multiply and divide.
It also has an built in A/D that can have different bandwidth, depending on sample size.
The original design was for NMR chemical analysis. But was especially useful for acquiring repeating sampled evens that had low signal to noise because of its hardware built in analog acquisition capable of multiple samples to accumulate multiple pass without requiring action by the processor.
We were hoping to see if the person that acquired the computer was interested in restoring it to operational status. Bob and I have accumulated a significant amount of both hardware and software for this computer.
I am also quite good at trouble shooting this design as I original brought my NIC-80 back to life without schematics (we now have a schematic set, thanks to a fellow in Australia that had a set of manuals ).
The person that bought it would have been relatively close in Wisconsin, as it was a pick up local item.

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