Looking for ESDI controller for QBus

emanuel stiebler emu at e-bbes.com
Wed May 11 02:14:07 CDT 2022

On 2022-05-10 10:05, Nigel Johnson Ham via cctalk wrote:
> Does anybody have one they can spare? I have a DQ696 that I have to 
> share between by 11/73 and MicroVax 2 - the Sigma RQD11 I have on the 
> Microvax died with an internal failure and i don;t have any kind of test 
> frame, or the space for one, to try and repair it.
> Cash or trade would be good.

There is a dq696 on epay at the moment ...

Never saw the cab kit before. Where was that used?
External cabinets?

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