"newer" vintage computers, parts, electronics for sale $100 LARGE lot

Grant Taylor cctalk at gtaylor.tnetconsulting.net
Tue May 10 11:33:32 CDT 2022

On 5/10/22 10:12 AM, Bill Degnan via cctalk wrote:
> They're yours if you or someone can pick them up here.

Thank you for the kind offer.  Unfortunately I'm multiple states away 
and am in no position to make such a journey.

> I have other Sun hardware, but I only can support one or two Sun's 
> of my own for these can go to a good home if I can find one.


> Supposedly someone is coming today to get it all, but I can set aside
> the Suns if you want them.

If the person coming to get the equipment today has any interest in 
them, please let them take the Suns.

If they have no interest, there may  be others (possibly myself at some 
point in the future) that would be interested in buying them and having 
them shipped.

I suspect that there are Sun specific venues; sunhelp / rescue mailing 
lists come to mind, that might have a higher density of Sun specific 
interested parties.

> I have more than just the items I've listed in the link above that
> also have to go, but these I will sell one at a time and as time
> permits.

I'd be interested in looking at such listings in the future.  If nothing 
else, living vicariously through others.  :-)

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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