The TRS-80 Journey Continues

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sat May 7 13:24:20 CDT 2022

>> You can image them with Dave Dunfield's 765 utilities; GreaseWeazel 
>> hardware isn't necessary.

On Sat, 7 May 2022, Bill Gunshannon via cctalk wrote:
> Image them with what hardware?  A PC or one of my TRS-80's?

Either can do it.
If you can find a PC with a floppy drive, "normal" FDC andBIOS, and 
without added OS obstacles to accessing the BIOS, then you can point 
Int1Eh at a table that specifies 256 byte sectors, and then you can use 
Int13H.   (Windoze with USB floppy isn't going to work)

And, of course the TRS-80 can do it.
Or, you could install a 3.5" drive in your 4P and copy the disks.

>> Trakcess, by Roxton Baker, is a BASIC program for TRS80 (including 3/4) 
>> that provides sector and track viewing and editing.  Trivial mods are 
>> needed to it for double sided.  Looking at the code of it is an extremely 
>> easy way to learn how to to controller level actions on the 3/4, if you 
>> don't already know.

> I will look for that.  I used to have some nice DiskZap programs
> but have been unable to find any of them.  At least not on a disk
> I can still access.  :-(

Superzap comes with NEWDOS80, if you have an adequately complete copy 

> I didn't try typing in a program but I got the "READY" prompt.
> I thought you had to have MODELA/III and be able to load it to
> get to BASIC on a 4P.  I would be very surprised that while it
> could not boot TRSDOS it could somehow load MODELA/III from the
> floppy.

Unless your machine was modified, that implies that the boot process 
starts with copying a ROM image, and THEN it failed,  . . .

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