Different font for second 1 on commodore 1571 drives (and others)

Paul Koning paulkoning at comcast.net
Thu May 5 16:10:44 CDT 2022

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>>>> Someone at work pointed this out and I've never really thought about it. Is
>>>> anyone here aware of the decision or reason to use a different 1 character
>>>> for the last 1 vs the first 1?
>>> Got a picture?
>> They may have run out of that original font if they were setting the type with something like Lettraset in the day.
> An easy contemporary solution to that would have been to use a process camera and make a copy.
> However, based on this picture: http://dunfield.classiccmp.org/c64/h/diskf.jpg , there *is* a good typographic reason to cut the serif off the second '1'; if you didn't, it would look ridiculous. The typographer's rule is, "If it _looks_ right, it _is_ right," and the decal as shipped looks fine, typographically. We make these slight "adjustments" all the time, it's a big part of the job (especially for logos) - and reveals that a professional was involved. Usually people don't even notice them, because that's the other rule of typography.

There are other examples in our field of lettering that changes according to context: the font used by DEC on the PDP-11 handbook covers and a number of peripheral device panels.  The letters "t" come in "big loop" and "small loop" forms.  The big loop is used when there isn't another letter after; the small loop is used to avoid looking silly when another letter follows. Look at "digital equipment corporation" on the inside cover page of the PDP-11 processor and peripheral handbooks, it shows it clearly.

I digitized that font and gave the same treatment to f, j and r, though I haven't seen those differentiated in the examples I looked at.


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