OT: mail provider recommendation

Carlos Murillo ce.murillosanchez at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 14:38:14 CDT 2022

My apologies for asking such an OT question, but I think you guys are the
most likely to make really useful suggestions.

Gmail has ceased to provide classic authorization for  smtp, pop3 or IMAP
access; they want users to employ their new authorization mechanisms.  So,
which email service do you guys recommend? I'd like to be able to access it
in the old classic way, from different clients. Ideally it would be a free
service (I don't store my messages on the server, but rather, download them
to my client, so I don't need a lot of storage), and also likely to remain
in operation for many years to come.

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Murillo.

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