DEC HP sgi ibm and misc for sale

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Tue Jun 29 06:42:41 CDT 2021

I am making room to work on my pdp 11 and mainframe computers. The
following things are for sale :

3 Dec decmate computers with kb and monitor. Partway loads into the WP os
but the floppy is bad, and i dont have more

Sgi tezro

Hp 9000 desktop for hp -ux with cables

Working microvax 3100 with install of vms. Vt terminal availible for sale
too to go with it.

Hp 9000 for basic. Was used with test insturments like volt meters, relay
controllers  hpib etc for process control.
Many hp keyboards with chicklet keys availible for this system

Tandy vgm 300 monitor

Enough crt monitors to sink a boat.  Nec, viewsonic, ibm, etc.

S100 bus computer chassis with backplane, power supply and proto boards.

A single S100 backplane

Isa /pci single board computer backplanes

Isa 486 and pentium single board computers. Works standalone or with
previously mentioned backplane

Rackmount 68k vme bus motorolla computer with floppy, hard drive and proto

(Must be sold together will not seperate) books for like every version of
irix apple early windows maya, power animator, discreet, etc. Sgi install
cd sets. Sgi power animator cd. Studio paint. Misc hotmix cd's.

Trs 80 model 3. No keyboard. Posts, bad floppy drive hangs up boot. Unplug
it and it works. Big / heavy.

Dec alphastation 255 computers x3
I had vms on them at some point.

Wyse dumb terminal in original box

Many televideo dumb terminals

Ibm bladecenter h chassis with misc blades and spare fans etc. Shipping
will be expensive.

Hp 50mhz dual trace scope 54200a.

Working apple mac plus with kb and external 20 mb hard drive. No battery
damage. Clean. Boots. Runs.

Im sure to find more to list. Send some offers my way and ill ship it out.

Located in melbourne fl.

Most of my stuff is on my mastadon gallery, welcome to scroll through. I
can provide pictures of said machines upon request, too much to take
pictures of right now though.

--Devin D.

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