Interesting photos of a computer graphics lab from 1968

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Sun Jun 27 21:08:58 CDT 2021

On 6/26/2021 9:11 PM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
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>> The panels at the tops of the racks all seem to say Adage. Perhaps the blinkenlights panel is theirs, too?
> The entire system is an Adage Graphics Terminal
> There are some docs now up under

UW Madison had an Adage graphics setup, that looks very much like the 
brochures on the bitsavers site you put up, in the basement of 1210 W. 
Dayton Street (the newer part, when I saw it), along side a CDC-160.  I 
*think* the Adage was lashed up to the Univac 1108 at the time.  I don't 
recall if it was two rack units or three - my guess is three.  I never 
saw it in operation (though we did have a class assignment on that 
CDC-160.  ;) ).  I don't have any Adage manuals, unfortunately.

By 1982 (and starting sometime before that) that kind of graphics was 
handled by the PDP-11/03 inside Intergraph graphics terminals with 
special raster support cards and network cards communicating with a 
PDP-11/23 or VAX using a home-grown CSMA/CD scheme of their own - 
including loading the code for the PDP-11/03 based graphics terminals 
over the network.


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