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On 6/26/21 9:31 AM, Tapley, Mark B. via cctalk wrote:
> Are there any particular pitfalls I should watch out for with the 
> FTDI device, when/if I can get back to working with it?

I've used -- what I'll generically call -- FTDI devices one or more 
times a year for the last decade or more.  Admittedly I'm not asking 
much of it; 115200, 8, n, 1, or 9600, 8, n, 1, to connect to serial 
console ports on network equipment.

Aside:  I believe that Cisco started including such FTDI devices in some 
of their equipment and only exposing the USB cable / port.  So all you 
need is a passive USB cable -- easy enough to obtain -- and a new enough 
OS that it includes drivers for FTDI ports -- also easy enough to obtain.

I do recall having problems with /some/ devices that fall into the FTDI 
device category.  I don't know that they were FTDI /brand/ per se.  I 
don't know if those problems were driver and / or hardware related.  But 
I do know that the ones that had FTDI in their driver / device name (as 
reported by Windows' Device Manager) tended to be more reliable and work 
longer.  As in didn't die 6 months later.

I have one USB-to-Serial that I picked up out of a junk pile that has 16 
(?) DE-9 male ports on it and one USB-B port on it.  It presents itself 
to the computer as 16 discrete serial ports on one USB device.  It was 
definitely worth the price of digging through the bone pile in 95 degree 

Grant. . . .
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