VT340 Emulation

Tapley, Mark B. mark.tapley at swri.org
Sat Jun 26 10:31:56 CDT 2021

On Jun 26, 2021, at 7:43 AM, Peter Corlett via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org<mailto:cctalk at classiccmp.org>> wrote:
A bit of both. The USB communications device class (CDC) is designed for
modems, and it can be hit-and-miss trying to speak to something else. Of
course, that doesn't prevent one from ignoring that standard and just
creating a bespoke USB device which happens to produce RS232, and FTDI do
just that. FTDI's devices are better than standard CDC, but that's not a
terribly high bar.

At one point FTDI had a reasonably good reputation, and I own one of those devices based on that reputation. I have used it with no obvious problems connecting a TRS Color Computer 3 to an iMac G3 for a floppy-drive emulator (DriveWire on the iMac), but I think only for that application so far.

Are there any particular pitfalls I should watch out for with the FTDI device, when/if I can get back to working with it?

- Mark

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