VT340 Emulation

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Fri Jun 25 17:53:08 CDT 2021

On 6/25/21 2:48 AM, Peter Corlett via cctalk wrote:
> USB-serial dongles tend to be a wretched experience for a couple 
> of reasons.  The first is at the electrical layer: USB only has 5V 
> available and generating RICH CHUNKY VOLTS in such a small dongle 
> is difficult and expensive, so doesn't happen, and the voltage 
> swing might not be wide enough for older devices.

That sounds like a legitimate problem.  But it sounds more like an 
/execution/ problem than a /possibility/ or /capability/ problem.  E.g. 
USB interface between a host the device (both in the USB parlance) where 
the device is externally powered.

> The other is in the software layer: the standards are a mess and 
> the full gamut of serial protocols are not available and/or not 
> implemented properly.

I can't tell if that's a USB specification problem or a problem with 
what people have executed / built (thus far).

 From my naive point of view, I wonder if it would be possible to build 
some sort of USB device that has a traditional UART that has supporting 
circuitry to connect to the host over USB.  --  I say this because it 
sounds like many ~> most ~> all (?) USB to RS-232 converters are doing 
something inferior.

> The physical connector and pinout is an irrelevance in comparison. I 
> own a soldering iron.

LOL  (literally)  I love your sentiment there.  I quite agree with it.

Grant. . . .
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