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> denizen of the Fortran committees) is a LALR parser generator. I use
> the generator written by Al Shannon when he was Charlie Wetherell's
> student, now updated, which implements David Pager's algorithm that
> generates a parser that is LR where necessary and LALR or SLR or LR(0)
> where possible.

Out of curiosity, which parser generator is this?; i.e., the one you use written by Al Shannon, and since updated? I went digging in my files and online, though only cursorily, and found Hyacc <http://hyacc.sourceforge.net/> by Xin Chen, which I hadn't previously known about, but was wondering if you were referring to it, or something else, maybe the original implementation of LR in Fortran 66, e.g. <https://doi.ieeecomputersociety.org/10.1109/TSE.1981.230837>?

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