VT100 colors

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On 21/06/2021 17:10, Antonio Carlini wrote:
> On 21/06/2021 15:39, Paul Koning wrote:
>> You're thinking of the VT200, which came in three colors, although at 
>> DEC fortunately they never inflicted green on us :-).  But all the 
>> earlier DEC video terminals (VT05, VT50/52/61t/62, VT20, VT71) were 
>> white.  The only exception I can think of is the GT40, probably 
>> because that one benefits from having fairly long persistence which 
>> was available in green phosphor but not in white.
> The User Guide doesn't say and I don't have an IPB I can find. I do 
> remember the VT100s in the computer room at Uni being green and the 
> VT52 clones (Dataram?) being white. But that's a while ago so maybe my 
> wetware is wrong. If and when I can get to where I think my VT100 is I 
> can look at powering it up. Powering it up may take much longer than 
> getting to it though :-)
> My VT220 is (or was, it's been a while ...) green phosphor and my 
> VT420 is amber ... I like both.
I found the IPB on bitsavers and that lists the P4 phosphor and a later 
CRT with the P40 phosphor. I think both of those are white.

I did find one seemingly untouched image of a VT100 with green text: 
https://vistapointe.net/cliparts/getsecond. That does appear to be a 
VT100 (not a VT102/VT103 etc) and is green.

I did find many more white phosphor pictures than green (and no amber at 


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