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On 2021-06-21 1:05 a.m., Van Snyder via cctalk wrote:

> When I was teaching compiler classes, I liked Richard J. Le Blanc's
> "Crafting a Compiler." I used Waite and Goos once. It was precise but a
> bit too terse for the students. The compiler structure I taught was
> based upon work of Frank de Remer and Tom Pennello, but their book
> "Compiler Construction by Hand and by Tool" never saw print. Frank de
> Remer simplified LR with its potentially exponential growth, to SLR and
> LALR in his MIT Ph.D. thesis. Yacc (written by Robert Corbett, still a
> denizen of the Fortran committees) is a LALR parser generator. I use
> the generator written by Al Shannon when he was Charlie Wetherell's
> student, now updated, which implements David Pager's algorithm that
> generates a parser that is LR where necessary and LALR or SLR or LR(0)
> where possible.
But with all this computing science, they have yet to make a clean
meta compiler like Meta II, or Tree meta.

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