Early Programming Books

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Thank you for the references Paul.

Found it at: www.cs.utexas.edu/users/EWD/MCReps/CR1957-009.PDF

Also found "Course on programming in ALGOL 60 (11th Edition)" (1970):


Now I need to translate them from Dutch.  Perhaps there already exists an
English translation of either?

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> I have two books on ALGOL 60 from 1962 - 
> A Guide to ALGOL Programming, Daniel D. McCracken 
> A Primer Of ALGOL 60 Programming, E.W. Dijkstra 

Dijkstra and Zonneveld wrote the first ALGOL compiler in 1961, so there
might be documents from that time, most likely in the CWI (Mathematical
Center) archives.

There's a course textbook on programming that is not machine specific, by
Dekker, Dijkstra and van Wijngaarden, "Course on programming automatic
calculating machines", November 1957.  It's quite extensive; the document is
110 pages long.


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