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Mon Jun 21 02:17:03 CDT 2021

On 6/20/21 11:48 PM, Van Snyder via cctalk wrote:

> You also might like 
> https://www.cs.sjsu.edu/~mak/CMPE152/IBM1401FORTRANCompiler.pdf "Serial
> Compilation and the IBM 1401 FORTRAN Compiler."
> 1401-FO-050 was more than FORTRAN I but less than FORTRAN II.
> The innovation was interesting....

I remember compiling FORTRAN II on a 1620 using the card compiler (no
disk and no operating system).  You read the first pass of the compiler
in (load up the card reader and hit LOAD on the console) which included
the addition and multiplication tables.  You then read in the source
deck; while that was reading a duplicate with annotation was punched,
followed by the symbol table.  You then read in the second pass of the
compiler along with the just-punched deck, and an object deck was
punched.  Load the runtime library in with the object deck and you're
good to go.

It's been over 50 years since I last did this, so I may have gotten
something wrong in my wetware.   But you get the general idea.

This was very different from compiling when the 1620 had a 1311 disk
drive attached.  There was an operating system of sorts and real JCL.


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