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Sun Jun 20 16:08:38 CDT 2021

On Sun, 2021-06-20 at 04:43 -0400, Paul Birkel via cctech wrote:
> I know of two early computer (in the stored program sense) programming
> books.

Not about early EARLY programming, but I have some books (manuals) that
are yours if you send me a PDF of a shipping label for a 10"x12" 1lb
2oz envelope (media rate might be less expensive than first class):

   1. 68000 Microprocessor Handbook, Gerry Kane, Osborne / McGraw-Hill (1981) ISBN 0-931988-41-1
   2. MC68901 Multi-Function Peripheral, Motorola, ADI-984 (Jan. 1984)
   3. MC68881 Floating-Point Coprocessor as a Peripheral in an MC68000 System, Motorola AN947 (1987)
   4. HCMOS Floating-Point Coprocessor: MC68881 Technical Summary, Motorola BR265/D Rev.1 (1986)

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