VT340 Emulation

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Its been a while but Attachate software generally only needed special
hardware for stuff like 5250 twinax, 3270 co-ax, and various SDLC
This page might help check which versions support regis but they perhaps
don't go back to the really old versions...



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> We tried to use Reflection 240 on IBM PS/2 machines circa 1990. IIRC, it
> installed easily w/o needing special drivers.
> For the most part it worked as advertised. We didn't really need Regis
> graphics so we never tested that out. It's problem was that it was really
> on PCs, much slower than a real VT240 terminal. We were trying to use
> "all in one" office automation to do word processing and spreadsheets.
> slowness caused us to abandon it and just use word perfect and lotus 123
> instead. FYI, There are reflection manuals on the wayback machine for
> reference.
> Wayne
> > On Jun 18, 2021, at 12:51 PM, Douglas Taylor via cctech
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> >
> > Right, according to the few notes I've seen on the packages currently
> sale on ebay.
> >
> > I hesitate to buy because I picked up a similar piece of software,
> 240, which seemed to do the desired emulation.  It was old software for
> but I have an old DOS machine I use for PUTR I thought I could install it
on and
> be up and running.  It didn't turn out that way because Smarterm wanted a
> particular video card and driver (which I didn't have, of course).  I
didn't find
> that out until I got the package open and tried installing it.
> >
> > I don't know if the Reflection software has any restrictions like that.
> versions I see for sale are for Win3.1 and such, not exactly the heyday of
> and play.  I was hoping to get some guidance from someone who has used
> the Reflection software on what the actual hardware/software requirements
> are.
> >
> > On a side note, emulating a Tektronix 4010 is apparently free and high
> quality (see github).  It is the DEC graphics terminals that no one has
> produced an open source emulation software for, so that's why I am asking
> this question.
> > Doug
> >
> >> On 6/18/2021 1:16 PM, Bill Degnan wrote:
> >> Reflection 4 should do that, right?
> >> Bill
> >>
> >> On Fri, Jun 18, 2021 at 1:15 PM Douglas Taylor via cctech
> <cctech at classiccmp.org <mailto:cctech at classiccmp.org>> wrote:
> >>
> >>    Does anyone have experience with the Reflection software that will
> >>    emulate a DEC VT340 color graphics terminal?
> >

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