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Guy Dunphy guykd at
Thu Jun 17 20:49:08 CDT 2021

At 07:47 PM 17/06/2021 -0500, Jon Elson via cctalk wrote:
>A while ago there was discussion about the mini banana plugs 
>used in this system.
>On another project at work, we needed some mini banana 
>plugs, these sure look similar.
>I found that Digi-Key stocks some, as part # 314-1403 
>(black, pack of 10 plugs, for $24)
>and jacks 501-1051 (red) 501-1479 (black) and 501-1959 
>(green) for $2.05 each.
>These are roughly 0.1" diameter plugs that squeeze down a 
>bit when inserted into the sockets.
>Not claiming these are the same size as the DEC ones, but my 
>guess is they could be.

There are also some possible functional equivalents available in bulk
and cheap, from Aliexpress. They are in-line power connectors used by
RC enthusiasts. For soldering to power wires, and come in M/F pairs.
There are multiple sizes, but so far I've only bought the two sizes
that fit standard 4mm banana jacks, and 2mm sockets.

10Pairs/Set 2mm Bullet Banana Plug Wire Connector Tool for RC Battery
US $1.29    Shop5585045 Store

IMC Hot 4mm Inside Dia Male Female Banana Plug Bullet Replacement 10 Pairs
US $4.02    Imc Digital Technology Company Ltd
(They are having their "11st Anniversary" :)

But basically search for whoever has the best deal and shipping.
Obviously the 'gold plating' won't have much if any actual gold, but
it seems quite functional.
There are also multiple sources of very nice high flexibility, fine
stranded wire with silicone insulation. In a wide range of sizes.
Not to mention ultra-cheap heatshrink tubing.

It's nice to finally have multimeter probes that measure 0.0 ohms when shorted.
Unlike the usual cheap, thin core commercial leads.


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