DEC computer lab / mini banana plugs

Jon Elson elson at
Thu Jun 17 19:47:15 CDT 2021

A while ago there was discussion about the mini banana plugs 
used in this system.

On another project at work, we needed some mini banana 
plugs, these sure look similar.

I found that Digi-Key stocks some, as part # 314-1403 
(black, pack of 10 plugs, for $24)

and jacks 501-1051 (red) 501-1479 (black) and 501-1959 
(green) for $2.05 each.

These are roughly 0.1" diameter plugs that squeeze down a 
bit when inserted into the sockets.

Not claiming these are the same size as the DEC ones, but my 
guess is they could be.


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