Vintage Computer Museum eBay Sales

jim stephens jwsmail at
Thu Jun 17 15:59:07 CDT 2021

On 6/17/2021 4:40 AM, D. Resor via cctalk wrote:
> It seems at least on the first page of their listings, $899.99 is a favorite
> asking price?
> 3
> Don Resor
When I first crossed paths with this guy I sent him a message about some 
item he had listed correcting his claims about it.  Don't recall that.

I do recall the two Ebay max length psychotic rants i got back along 
with threats to get me banned from Ebay.

A seller name can be anything on Ebay.  People must be assuming he ever 
was what his title claims.  I don't know where he got his stuff, it was 
Pre the Sellam situation (who lost a lot of possibly similar materials).

And a Museum doesn't imply that any of the articles were acquired by 
donations.  I think that' s just part of the game.  Most of the items 
listed have been listed and remain so from near his registration date, 
and one must wonder if any of it is still in the listed state.

as to "target market" and all that, the seller has been ridiculous as 
long as the listings have been there.  He appears to not be selling the 
high priced stuff, and a lot of his stuff seems to be in line with ebay 


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