ISO: DW8E parts

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Fri Jun 4 23:42:22 CDT 2021

Hi all --

I picked up a DW8E backplane from a friendly listmember this week and now I
just need to find parts to populate it (a simple task, right?); I'm hoping
to use it with my negibus PDP-8/I for my ongoing TSS/8 project(*) (in order
to provide numerous serial lines and if I get really ambitious/lucky, an

It looks like I need an M7101 and four M7103's.  I intend to build the
cabling myself unless anyone has a set of single-to-Y (BC08D) I/O cabling.
Also on the hunt for a chassis to put these in; this is identical to the
one used for the PDP-8f/m (but sans blinkenlights).

- Josh

(*) RF08 restoration is underway and emulation of multiple RS08s is in

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