BA11 power filter

Steve Maddison steve at
Tue Jun 1 15:16:58 CDT 2021

After a few years in storage I'm finally getting to play with my PDP-11
stuff again. Figured I'd start small so rolled out the 11/23. PSU looks
fine, pulled all the cards and checked voltages, no problem. Shortly after
however, some magic smoke was released from the block in the back where AC
comes in and the power switch is mounted. The only other thing in there is
a big old line filter. Judging by the smell, I suspect a filter capacitor
has given up the ghost. I'd check, but the whole thing is soldered shut so
not exactly easily serviceable. Would I be correct in thinking such filters
aren't entirely necessary and could just be bypassed? It looks like the
manufacturer (JMK) is still going so a new replacement might not be out of
the question. Whether I could find one with the same mounting holes etc. is
another question I've not looked into yet.



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