ISO: Stabilization feet for DEC H960 rack

steven at steven at
Sat Feb 27 23:28:22 CST 2021

Josh said
> I realize these are uncommon; curious if anyone has a spare pair somewhere
> (hey, that rhymes.)  I'd like to be able to pull out the CPU on my 11/70
> without worrying about the whole thing tipping over and crushing people I
> care about.  It's the little things, really...

I made two pairs of repo ones that turned out beautifully. They have a welded steel bar
load-bearing skeleton and adjustable pad like the original, and a 3D-printed shell sprayed
in satin black that completes the aesthetics and follows the "six foot rule" in that they
probably wouldn't be picked out from the originals from a few feet away. I have yet to
machine the bolt head tapers to the originals but lost the photo of one that was posted here
some time ago.

I got a lot of help from cctalk on the dimensions of the foot a while back, but some of
these are still a tiny bit inaccurate, but I can't expect the average person to have a surface
table, height gauge, angle gauge etc.

I was planning to make a few pairs for sale some day. If there was sufficient interest I can
get to fabricating the cutting, bending and welding jigs to produce then more quickly than the
completely hand-made ones I have done. The biggest problem is I'm not sure how much they
would cost. Also I have not yet laser-cut the accompanying kick panel. I have the dimensions for
that but I would rather measure one myself before committing to those.


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