Funky electronics chain Fry?s is no more (Seattle Times)

Stan Sieler sieler at
Thu Feb 25 23:14:30 CST 2021

Gavin Scott wrote:
   > We all had a love/hate relationship with Fry's, but they were an
   > institution and will be missed.

Sometime after his story, Gavin moved to the Bay Area to work for my
One day, I started to buy something at Fry's and they asked for my phone
So, I gave the the office number.

The salesman entered it, and said "thank you, Mr. Scott".

I was still "Gavin Scott" to them 15 years later :)

Oh, the "seal of quality".  Not only did it scream "do not buy this item",
but it was a very useful thing ... although not for reasons Fry's
expected.  Many times, I'd be looking at some newer tech item (e.g., a
4-bay RAID enclosure), and see that over half of them had the "seal of
quality".  I quickly developed a rule: two more seals meant: stay away from
this product!


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