PDP11 (Qbus) boards available

Boris Gimbarzevsky boris at summitclinic.com
Tue Feb 23 23:44:57 CST 2021

Have been told by my wife that PDP-11 stuff not coming along with us 
when we're moving and so time to get it off to a good home.  All of 
it is QBus and material in first batch is what I've got at home and 
will try to get pictures of another 2 systems in storage locker this 
week.  Locker contains 2 QBus systems, one is a small system with 
about 64 Kb of RAM and other is larger, also a Qbus system.  I 
powered them up when I got them but that was close to 30 years ago so 
power supplies will need to be checked out first.  Also have a small 
4 slot Qbus card cage H9281 which has a DRV11 board in it (photo not shown).

Pictures, in order, are 4 channel 12 bit D/A converter, unknown QBus 
board, programmable real time clock, what I thought was manual for 
DataTranslation A/D converter but not, A/D converter, have no idea 
what Dilog board is, box of DEC cables, a few manuals, MINC manuals, 
11/23 together with I suspect is a DRV11, not sure what board with 
bus extensions on top is, bus extender, blank 2 slot board and 
another board which was part of a parallel interface between MINC and 11/34.

Would preferably like to get rid of everything at once.  Haven't 
looked at cost of shipping out of Canada.  Alternatively, send me an 
email off list is you want to pick it up in person.  I live in Kamloops, BC.

Photographs can be found at:

Boris Gimbarzevsky

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