SaturnCalc, Graph, and WP disks uploaded

Chris Zach cz at
Tue Feb 23 23:11:07 CST 2021

Hi all!

Spent some serious time this evening with the RX02 drives: I managed to 
download the images of the SaturnCalc 3.0, Saturn Graph, and Saturn WP 
software to RX02 images. I think it's set right, can someone take a look 
at the images and see if they are good? Should be RT11 format, RX02 (of 
course), I recorded from both sides of the disks (they're double sided, 
hole punched by the vendor) and are at

You should see the disks and the meta files.

Let me know if they work, I need to get to bed. Either burn them on real 
RX02's or read them with a SIMH image.


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