Keys for startech 25U server rack

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Feb 22 18:27:49 CST 2021

I dropped by the local e-waste recycler and picked up a Startech 25U
server rack for $100.  (This one:
 Heavy bugger, complete with glass door.

I was as surprised as the guy who helped me load it to find that it
barely fit in a Gen2 Prius (I left the truck at home).  It came with an
HP EO4500 PDU, with all 4 power strips (I have no use for this, so if
you do, drop me a line.  Maybe we can work out something).   They also
tossed in all of the bags of unused parts.  But--no keys!  Do all
Startech Duraracks use the same key?   Anyone know?


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