Intel/Altera Dev, Seeking Quartus II old versions

Ethan O'Toole ethan at
Sun Feb 21 21:59:40 CST 2021

> I found what seems to be 12.1 Service Pack 1 on my archive drive. 
> There are two of them.  I think the second one with "free" in the name 
> is for windows.  The other is for Linux.  I believe, but I'm not 
> certain, that these were extracted from the download bundle when I got 
> them.  I didn't try installing them now, although I'm pretty sure I did 
> when I got them.  AT least the LInux one.

Awesome! Much thanks for posting those. My friend said they're both 
Windows, not linux. He added them to his collection but is still on the 
lookout for "full linux archive of 12."

Note - I'm an innocent bystander here. I have an idea what the software is 
for, but never used it.

My friend's twitter thing is

Thanks again!

     - Ethan

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