Fwd: [GreenKeys] Teletype 33 KSR free in Knoxville, TN, USA

John Foust jfoust at threedee.com
Mon Feb 8 12:02:46 CST 2021

The guy posted today, saying they're still available...

- John

>From: <highpwr at bellsouth.net>
>To: <greenkeys at mailman.qth.net>
>Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2020 18:23:31 -0500
>Subject: [GreenKeys] Equipment Available
>I have the following available for pickup in the Knoxville TN area, it from
>the estate of an old ham buddy that's now in the nursing home with
>Alzheimer's.  All was salvaged from his property which was sold to help
>defer his nursing home expenses, and was going to go in the dumpster.
>Really just wanted to save this stuff from the dumpster,  and its free to a
>good home, BUT if it works for you (whomever comes and get this stuff) a
>donation that I could forward to his Nephew to help cover his nursing home
>costs would be greatly appreciated.
>There are two Teletype Model 35 KSRs and at least one 33 KSR. Also there is
>an model 14 Printing Reperf FRXD (very similar to frxd-1311-04.jpg (800×600)
>(navy-radio.com) <http://navy-radio.com/tty/reperf/frxd-1311-04.jpg> on
>Nick England's site.  There may be some other in the future and possibly
>some 11/16 paper tape, but this may be spoken for.
>All was stored in a dry outbuilding, but was in the building for well over
>twenty years. It took the best part of a day to dig it out, salvage and
>carry it out of said storage building.
>I can provide additional more detailed photos if required, but please don't
>ask unless your really interested and serious.  The empty brass nor the gun
>they were fired in are no longer available I'm keeping it.....Ha Ha.
>PS this stuff will not be available indefinitely, I don't have the space to
>store it for another twenty years, it will probably go onto the dump or be
>dismantle for parts before the end of February.

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