resistor packs for terminating SCSI bus inside Exabyte 8020

Jon Elson elson at
Sat Feb 6 16:44:53 CST 2021

On 02/06/2021 03:25 PM, Nigel Johnson via cctalk wrote:
> Hi all, I wonder if anybody has one with the terminators installed that
> can read off the p/n for these SIPs
> The manual says they are 8-pin 7 resistor 220/330 ones, but that is not
> possible! To put 7 resistor pairs to 220 and 330 you need a 9-pin,
> unless you have one resistor SIP for 220 and another for 330!  But there
> are 2 so that leaves an odd number! The sockets are 9-pin.  I have yet
> to find any 9-pin ones on digikey
I have a differential 8200 here, it does not appear to have 
any internal terminators, or anything pluggable on the SCSI 
interface board.


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