UDS EIA module for ASR33

s shumaker shumaker at att.net
Thu Feb 4 22:22:32 CST 2021

Recently acquired an ASR33 with an old EIA (RS-232) Interface convertor 
module.   It came with a two page spec and cable pinout sheet that is 
more hole than it is paper. Manufacturer is United Data Services (UDS) 
in Phoenix.  Model seems to be 312 A 0568  (might be 0563)  Google 
hasn't been much help and Bitsavers is silent as well..  Herb Johnson of 
Retrocomputing.com has 312 A 0567 which appears similar but not close 
enough to be useful.

Anyone familiar with this unit who could share docs?   (willing to scan 
and share if desired)


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