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> I may use metric when I am measuring things myself, but I got my
> motorbike licence in 1991 and my car licence in 2005. I was solely
> taught and tested in MPH. For estimating stopping distances by eye, a
> metre is a yard, near enough -- and of course "car lengths" and
> seconds aren't affected. Keep 2 car lengths back under 30mph, and over
> that, maintain 2 seconds' braking distance, is metric-independent.

But, none of those are accurate for the physics.
Can an Isetta follow much closer than a Cadillac?
I don't have an Isetta.  I'd like one.  I'd love to get the Micro-Lino (a 
current Swiss electric replica of an Isetta), but they don't plan to 
export to USA.

Stopping distance is also certainly not a constant of 2 seconds, even if 
talking about both vehicles making a panic stop.
My current car (a Prius "Prime") can stop in significantly less distance 
than my early VWs did.  In a panic stop, a VW 2 seconds behind me would 
plow right into me.

>> How much do you suppose a "pint" of ice cream weighs?
> Wouldn't know. I have never in my life seen such a unit on sale, I think.

Ice Cream used to be sold in 1/2 gallon.  The half gallon container has 
been reduced to "1.5 quarts/1.41L".  "The reduction in size is to avoid 
raising the price" (which went up ALSO)
Half gallon carton of milk (64 fluid oz) is now a 54 oz carton.
Tiny cartons of ice cream exit, and used to be called "Pints": 16 
fluid oz/473ml
DELIVERY of ice cream is pretty risky; good if you are one of the first 
stops of the delivery, . . .

> Yet more reason to burn imperial measurements in a fire and throw the
> ashes in the sea.


>> Despite very minor variances in gravity, Earth is MOSTLY HARMLESS.
> ;-)

DNA once told aspiring writers, "Never blow up the planet in the first 
chapter; you are likely to find that you need it later."

> Did you know that the Central African Republic covers one of the
> largest magnetic anomalies in the world? It's so big it's named after
> the capital of the CAR, which will of course make it trivial for you
> all to look it up.

Interesting.  And never noticed until 1950?

>> I can get beer delivered!  Coincidentally, it is Corona beer!
> Oh my word. My deepest condolences.
It's a Mexican American beer.  I drink very little.  If I were a drnker, 
I'd have to find something else.

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