ebay Payments WAS RE: Flip-Chip selloff (Al Kossow)

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Thu Feb 4 11:50:33 CST 2021

> I remember how annoying it was when Ebay required all payments through
> paypal. I preferred checks and getting all the money.

I am sure as a seller you liked it. As a buyer I wasn't about to send you a check for more than a couple of bucks without assurances (and no the FB system did not provide that). Let's be honest more stuff is selling, and for higher amounts, because of the ebay changes (CC only, money back guarantee, etc.). You can still get paid in cash or check by selling locally if you really prefer that.

> Why don't we just use bitcoin?

Because then inflation would go through the roof. Imagine you had paid one bitcoin ten years ago for a system. That would have been $2 (11/2011 price) Now with the change in price of bitcoin that coin is worth $37,046. Are you willing to sell your system to another buyer for $2 or even a $100? After all that system just cost you $37,044. Some people will not see it that way but most people will and want their money back plus interest....


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