Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Feb 3 19:59:46 CST 2021

>> You're absolutely correct, however the only thing Al contributes (for 
>> the purposes of this particular discussion) are complaints about how 
>> other people are doing it wrong.

On Wed, 3 Feb 2021, Chris Hanson via cctalk wrote:
> I think Al has contributed enormously to the archival and preservation 
> of our industry history, which is exactly why I pretty much always want 
> to hear more from him on anything related—and why my ears perk up when 
> he says there's a better way to do something.

I agree.
Al, Chuck, ARD, (and many others). may not have the time, nor inclination, 
to do a full handholding tutorial or troubleshoot somebody else's problems.
They have provided a wealth of information.  I always learn something.
Within any gripes they make are gems of indentification of problems 
and things that may need to be addressed.
Such as the specific suggestions to try to check read validity as soon and 
quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary read attempts that further damage 
deteriorating disks.

My gripes about the Greaseweazle documentation should be construed as 
"suggestions for improvement"  :-)
I thought that the Fluxengine documentation was a really quite good start.
He humbly acknowledged things that he didn't know, actively solicited 
comments and suggestions, and compiled a really nice collection of some of 
the weird formats.  (including a link to Chuck's F85 page)

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