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> At 03:37 PM 2/3/2021, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> >"Reasonably quickly" is a relative term.   I've got samples here that I
> >had to cogitate over for a year.
> >Admittedly, these were items that were sui generis, but "quickly" was
> >not in the picture.
> Well, there's the balance between novice normal mode and expert mode.
> I heard people asking for a way to see the reults quickly so you could
> adjust the reading, abort if problems were spotted, or change tactics
> if weird data arose.  We want smart software for the novices and
> adjustable software for the experts.

My one big complaint about the kyroflux command line thing is that it
doesn't give a list of 'bad' tracks at the end so you have to scan the logs
to make sure the reading worked.  Of course, that's in 'sector mode' not in
flux capture mode... I wouldn't think to do the latter unless I could also
say "I expect this disk to be X format, please abort if that's not
plausibly true" and also to use that to inform retries maybe, but I haven't
thought through all the implications of the latter...



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