VAXstation 3100

Richard Loken rlloken at
Wed Feb 3 15:20:05 CST 2021

Adam, I have a VAXstation sitting about three metres from me.  As is
usually the case, "it worked when I turned it off 20 years ago" I don't
remember how many years ago I turned it off.  I think it is a model 30
but casually looking at the box does not show me what model it is.  I
pulled out the nicad battery pack many years ago and it is sitting by
my left hand and it does not leak.

I have the system box, the expansion box with its little SCSI disk drive,
the RRD40 and its wierd disc caddies, and the VR--- monochrome monitor,
and probably the keyboard and mouse and documentation if I look around
for half an hour.

I have no idea where you are but I can send it to you for the price of
shipping which would be astronomical I expect.  I hesitate to ship the
monitor - that would be had work - but the other components can be managed.
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